Special Services & Testing Guidelines

Reflexive ANA Profiles

RDL was the first laboratory in the country to offer reflexive ANA profiling and has continued to enhance ANA profile testing by adding new tests after their clinical utility is well established in scientific literature.  If the ANA is positive, all the tests in the ordered profile will be performed.  If the ANA is negative, only an Anti-Ro (SS-A) test will be performed to ensure that the ANA is not one of the small percentage of ANAs that are false negative.  If the Anti-Ro is positive, the rest of the tests in the profile will be performed.


Specimen Storage & Add-on Tests

All sera are stored at 4 degrees Centigrade for two months. This allows the physician to conveniently order additional tests by phone.  Please call Client Services to order subsequent testing for a recently submitted specimen.  We will perform the test(s) in a prompt manner if there is a sufficient amount of serum available.

An oral request by a physician or other authorized person is followed up by a request for signature by RDL Client Services which should be attained within 48 hours of the request.  If RDL does not receive the signature within that time period, a call is made to the physician requesting his signature, and another request is sent to him/her to immediately sign and return to RDL.


Cancellation of Tests

Cancellations received before tests are performed will be respected.  Requests received after tests have been set up or are resulted will be reported and duly charged.


Insufficient Volume

Each test and each test combination has a specimen requirement.  When a specimen is submitted with an insufficient volume for a single test, RDL contacts the client to request more sera.  If none can be obtained, the test is deleted and not billed.  If an insufficient volume is submitted for a panel or profile and the client cannot supply more sera, RDL performs as many tests as possible.  The client or patient will be billed only for those tests resulted.


Repeat Testing

Any client concerns regarding specific results should be addressed to our Chief Technologist, Paula Correia, Lab Manager, Dr. Guoqiu Shen or Client Services.  RDL will repeat testing of the result in question at no additional charge.


Sendout Tests

RDL must comply with California regulations which specify that we charge our clients the exact amount we are charged by the reference laboratories that receive our sendouts.  Whenever we are charged a handling fee, we include that charge in our fee to our clients.


Methodology Changes

As laboratory technology advances, RDL may adopt a new methodology after extensive in-house validation.  Whenever this occurs, RDL promptly informs our clients of these changes, principally due to revised reference ranges.  For all tests that have methodology changes, a remark is added to the affected test result specifying the changes on the result.  Also, a “Laboratory Update” is dispatched to all our clients that includes not only methodology changes with new test numbers, but also any new tests on our menu.  Information regarding special specimen requirements and handling is also included.