Consultations and Knowledge Sharing

Our Medical Directors, Rheumatologists, are available for consultation when you have questions concerning the interpretation of your patients’ test results.

We believe that education is an important part of RDL’s mission.   As faculty members at UCLA School of Medicine, as fellow researchers, and in daily discussions with clinicians, our Medical Directors share their insights freely to further the collective understanding of complex serologies.

We provide extensive documentation that explains the purpose and utilization of our tests, profiles and panels, and their complex interpretation.  Many clinicians depend on RDL’s Pocket Guide to Immunology Tests, as their trusted reference for test interpretation.  Ask your RDL representative or our client services staff for your copy.

RDL has developed one of the country’s largest serum banks for antibodies and clinical disease.  We use this valuable repository for our in-house quality control studies, and to assist diagnostic manufacturers in the development of high quality assays.

On this website, under “Resource Center”, you will find educational materials by listed by specialtly, information about our in-house studies, and articles for healthcare professionals.