About RDL

RDL is dedicated to principles of excellence that has distinguished itself above other labs and has a respected history of providing a variety of reliable tests among other resources that help hundreds of professionals.


Mission Statement

RDL Reference Laboratory is dedicated to the principles of excellence and consistency in esoteric laboratory testing. We are committed to aiding the clinician in early diagnosis and continued disease management through the design of profiles and panels that provide the ordering physician an array of selected tests. These tests assist to resolve the various clinical problems faced in practice in the most cost-effective manner possible. RDL uses cutting edge technology performed solely by experienced, licensed professionals.

RDL staff treats our clients, their staff and their patients with the respect they all deserve. RDL Client Services Representatives are geared to do “whatever it takes” to satisfy our clients.


What Differentiates RDL from Other Labs

  • Results are reviewed every day and given to one of our Medical Directors (both are rheumatologists) so that there is direct contact between the laboratory director and clients regarding unusual or potentially problematic results which ensures discussion of the patient’s clinical history and facilitates additional or repeat testing, if appropriate. Sera are routinely stored for two months, but are often stored indefinitely for future comparisons, if deemed necessary.
  • RDL was the first lab in the country offering reflexive ANA profiling and has continued to enhance ANA profile testing by adding new tests after their clinical utility was well established in the scientific literature. We now offer four ANA profiles to choose from.
  • We believe that today, more than ever, the commercial esoteric laboratory must aid the clinician in early diagnosis and continued disease management. Our profiles and panels have been designed by our medical directors/clinicians specifically to do just that.
  • Since its inception, RDL has strived to be as cost-effective as possible. The many profiles (reflexive) and panels we develop are not only more affordable than ordering individual tests, but have been designed to search for specific diagnoses.
  • RDL has adopted the philosophy of avoiding the use of home brews except in rare instances where an important commercial assay is not currently available. Although more expensive, the manufacturing process and quality control requirements used by commercial vendors in kit production is more likely to ensure consistent quality and reliability of test results with this approach.
  • Since its inception in 1977, the two laboratory directors have collected sera from the patients in their rheumatology practices. This large serum bank of samples consists of well-characterized rheumatic diseases, both clinically and serologically. We have utilized this resource in order to evaluate the sensitivity, specificity and overall performance of commercial assays and have selected only those kits which have proven to be consistently reliable over time. The serum bank has enabled RDL to define clinically relevant cutoff levels of assays in order to optimize the value of the results. Furthermore, RDL has collaborated with several biotechnology companies interested in developing high quality assays utilizing our serum bank.
  • When one calls RDL Reference Laboratory during regular working hours, there are no phone trees. The phone is answered by a live individual who refers individuals to the appropriate person or department.



RDL Reference Laboratory was established in 1977 by two UCLA-trained rheumatologists, Drs. Robert I Morris and Allan L. Metzger. After three years of practice, following their fellowships, they found inconsistent performance by local, as well as national commercial laboratories in ANA testing, and inadequate availability of autoimmune disease testing. These conditions made it apparent that, if Drs. Morris and Metzger wanted quality testing that could be trusted, they would have to form their own laboratory.

Initially, the menu contained only autoimmune tests, but over the years the menu has expanded. Physicians in most sub-specialties use our services and we have many university teaching centers, hospitals, other laboratories, researchers and biomedical companies forwarding specimens daily. With the growth of our menu, the company’s divisions and staff have also increased.

As rheumatologists and laboratorians, the directors have created and offer profiles and panels that provide the ordering physician an array of selected tests that help to resolve the various clinical problems faced in practice without increasing unnecessary costs.