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Strategic Collaboration Between Aushon BioSystems and RDL Reference Laboratory Announced for Advancing Precision Medicine

BILLERICA, MASS and LOS ANGELES – July 11, 2017 — Aushon BioSystems and RDL Reference Laboratory today announced that RDL has adopted Aushon’s Cira™ multiplex platform as part of a strategic collaboration between the two companies. Under this relationship, RDL will utilize the highly sensitive Cira platform to simultaneously measurepanels of protein biomarkers for early detection and measurement of changes in disease activity for several autoimmune conditions. In addition, RDL will offer Aushon’s full test menu as part of its newly expanded CRO services while developing its own novel diagnostic assays using the Aushon platform.

“Our collaboration with Aushon will advance our development of diagnostics with a high degree of precision and sensitivity in assays using multiple protein measurements”, said Dmitry Karayev, MD, Laboratory Director of RDL. “The ability to accurately and reproducibly measure small changes in multiple proteins opens up new possibilities for diagnostics incomplex disease.”

Aushon’s Cira platform enables the simultaneous measurement of up to twelve biomarkers at ultrasensitive detection levels and has been validated to meet the performance requirementsfor use in clinical and biopharma research applications.

“We are delighted to collaborate with RDL and assist them as they expand their testing services, and in the development of new assays which can help patients live healthier lives,” said Susan Vogt, Chief Executive Officer of Aushon BioSystems, “We believe our platform will continue to play an important role in precision medicine advancing the use of biomarker profiles in diagnostics.”

About RDL Inc.

Rheumatology Diagnostics Laboratory, Inc. (RDL Inc.) provides unique laboratory services to hospitals, reference laboratories and physicians in the following subspecialties: Rheumatology, Neurology, Immunology, Gastroenterology/Hepatology, OB/GYN/Infertility, Pulmonology, and Hematology. RDL is dedicated to the principles of excellence and consistency in esoteric laboratory testing and is committed to aiding the clinician in early diagnosis and continued disease management through the design of profiles and panels that provide the ordering physician an array of exclusive and proprietary testing. RDL uses cutting edge technology performed solely by experienced, licensed professionals. RDL also has collaborated with several biotechnology companies interested in developing high quality assays, and has performed testing for a number of research studies. From its inception, over 40 years ago, RDL has been dedicated to providing excellence, consistency, innovation, and niche servicesto its clients in the most cost-effective manner. For more information go to: http://www.rdlinc.com

About Aushon BioSystems

Aushon BioSystems, Inc. is leading the way in protein biomarker discovery, development and analysis. Through the unique combination of proprietary microarray printing, extensive biomarker content and ease-of-use, the Cira™ immunoassay platform is serving leading pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and clinical reference laboratories worldwide. Aushon products are used for applications in preclinical and clinical biomarker research accelerating the evaluation of potential drug candidates and advancing the use of biomarker profiles in diagnostics. For more information go to: http://www.aushon.com

For more information, contact: Regina M Reynolds,
323-929-9938 rreynolds@veriscommunications.com

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