SeroNeg RAdx3™

Profile Code: 3007
Methodology: EIA
CPT Codes:
83520 x3
Specimen Requirements: 3 mL Serum, ambient, refrigerated or frozen.
Turn Around Time:
3-5 days
Special Instructions: None
Tests in Panel:
14-3-3η Protein, Anti-CEP-1 IgG, Anti-Sa IgG (EIA)
Clinical Utilities: SeroNegRAdx3™ is a diagnostic and prognostic panel for Rheumatoid Arthritis designed
to complement the traditional RF‐IgM and Anti‐CCP testing (which may have been
previously tested). This unique panel combines 3 novel markers (14‐3‐3η protein, anti‐
CEP‐1 Ab and anti‐Sa Ab) to not only enhance the diagnosis of RA in seronegative, early
or established disease, but also to help predict disease severity. If 14‐3‐3η and/or anti‐
Sa positivity is present, the disappearance or decrease in these markers with treatment,
is associated with less radiographic progression. In pre‐clinical RA, positivity of anti‐
CEP‐1 along with anti‐CCP antibodies significantly raises the risk of imminently
developing clinical RA. This panel is available exclusively at RDL.