Cryoglobulins Characterization Panel

Profile Code: 1390
Methodology: MAC, TURB, EL
CPT Codes: 82595 (If Positive: 82784 X 3, 86334, 86431)
Specimen Requirements: 10 mL red stoppered tube.  Do not use serum separator or gel barrier tube.
Turn Around Time: 4 -9 Days
Special Instructions: Allow specimen to clot, then place into a water bath at +37 degrees C for 1 hour.  Centrifuge and separate immediately, while still warm.  After treatment, specimen can be refrigerated.  Please mark tube “Treated for Cryo” and note date & time of collection.  Send by overnight express mail. Untreated whole blood cannot be sent.  Please Note: Cryos have to be read for 6 days to assure positivity.  If it turns positive on the 6th day, 3 more days are needed to result it and reflexive tests.
Tests in Profile: If the Cryoglobulin is positive, reflexes to: QIG, IFE & Rheumatoid Factor IgM by TURB