Anti-Gliadin II (DGP) Ab, IgG & IgA

Test Code: 452
CPT Codes: 83520 X 2
Methodology: EIA
Specimen Requirements: 1 mL serum, ambient, refrigerated or frozen
Turn Around Time: 3 – 5 Days
Special Instructions: None
Clinical Utilities: IgG and IgA gliadin antibodies (GA) are useful in screening persons at risk for celiac disease (CD), assessing patients clinically suspect for CD or other gluten-sensitive enteropathies (GSE) and for monitoring compliance with a gluten-free diet (GFD).  For CD, anti-gliadin IgG are more sensitive (about 100%) than IgA (about 50%), but IgA antibodies are more specific (about 95%) than IgG (about 60%).