Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Ab (Anti-CCP), IgG/IgA

Test Code: 165
CPT Codes: 86200
Methodology: EIA
Specimen Requirements: 1 mL serum, ambient, refrigerated or frozen
Turn Around Time: 1 – 3 Days
Special Instructions: None
Clinical Utilities: Anti-CCP 3 antibodies are a highly specific marker for RA.  The specificity of anti-CCP 2 was 97% relative to disease controls (11/333 were positive), and 99% specific versus normal controls (1-100 being positive).  The sensitivity of anti-CCP  for both seropositive and seronegative RA taken together was 87% (155/179), 93% of seropositive RA were positive (144/155), and 46% of seronegative disease (11/24) were positive.  The majority of RA sera were strongly reactive in anti-CCP 3 assay.