ANA Profile II

Profile Code: 1020
Methodology: IFA, EIA, RIA,TURB, FLOC
CPT Codes: 86038, 86039, 86225, 86256, 86160 X 2, 86235 X 5, 86593
Specimen Requirements: 4 mL serum, ambient, refrigerated or frozen
Turn Around Time: 2 – 4 Days
Special Instructions: ANA Profile II is reflexive. If ANA is positive, all tests listed are performed.  If ANA is negative, an Anti-Ro (SS-A) test is performed to catch the small percentage of ANA false negative results.  ANA includes titer & pattern.  To order an ANA Profile II, Do All, use #1022.
Tests in Profile: Anti-Nuclear Ab (ANA), Anti-dsDNA Ab (Farr Assay), Anti-ENA Abs (Anti-SM & Anti-RNP), Anti-Centromere Ab, C3 & C4 Complements, SS-A Ab (Anti-Ro), SS-B Ab (Anti-La), Anti-SCL-70 Ab, RPR