Compliance & HIPAA

RDL complies with all the regulatory agencies by which we are certified.  They include the College of American Pathologists (CAP), CLIA, Medicare, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, the state of California, New York and others.  Please see the section titled “Licenses & Certifications” for a complete listing.

We anticipate that our clients have complied with regulatory requirements such as CPT coding, ICD-10-CM coding, and patient confidentiality.  RDL assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the CPT codes listed in our catalog or on this website.  It is  the client’s responsibility to determine the correct CPT codes to use for billing.  We list CPT codes to provide guidance.  They reflect our interpretation of CPT coding and may not be correct due to possible changes.  Please consult the CPT coding manual published by the American Medical Association.

RDL has an active quality improvement mechanism in place that complies with the HIPAA Act of 1996.  RDL observes the regulations governing laboratories for patient information confidentiality as stated in the HIPAA regulations and by the State of California.  Each patient is entitled to remain completely anonymous throughout the testing and reporting process.  Access to confidential information is restricted to authorized personnel and such information may only be provided to persons authorized to receive such information.

RDL is very aware of the new HITECH Act which widens the scope of patient privacy concerns regarding electronic transactions and the security of those transactions, and has implemented policies and procedures to ensure compliance with these standards.