RDL Clinical Trials Division provides comprehensive laboratory services to meet the dynamic needs of a broad range of biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients. As a fully credentialed, privately owned reference laboratory, we have the unique ability to provide the research and development community the personalized service of a small company coupled with the emerging technologies of top industry leaders. A relationship with RDL means access to:

  • Extensive Esoteric Test Menu
  • Customized Assay Development
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Scientific Consultation
  • Unquestionable Quality Assurance
  • Specimen Inventory and Storage

Dedicated Leadership

Dr. Robert Morris and Dr. Allan Metzger have served as laboratory directors for over twenty-five years. Drs. Morris and Metzger are board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology and have had over fifty years of combined experience in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune disease. In addition to having maintained private practices, both physicians are on the clinical faculty of UCLA School of Medicine.

Scientific Excellence

Our scientists are second to none in developing testing uniquely suited to your protocol. Whether you require simple validations of existing assays, predicate testing for your new technology, or the creation of new assays using state-of-the-art methodologies, our scientists are prepared

Trained Support Staff

In an age where the bottom line is the only consideration, RDL has remained true to its commitment to excellence. Over sixty percent of our staff possesses Clinical Laboratory Scientist licenses, advanced degrees in field, or both. We keep costs down, but not at the expense of your project.

Central Laboratory

RDL’s leadership in the field of Rheumatology makes us an invaluable partner in your study of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Our comprehensive list of services ranges from basic autoantibody panels to full patient monitoring including immune response, cytokine analysis, and immunogenicity testing.

Serum Bank and Repository

RDL has developed a vast, unique collection of sera encompassing all the rheumatic diseases both common and rare over the past two decades. All specimens in the serum bank are accompanied by diagnoses to ensure maximum clinical relevance. In addition to the serum bank, RDL maintains an even more extensive catalog of purely serologically characterized specimens for all known autoimmune markers. This collection enables RDL to provide your study sufficient sample size to ensure maximum statistical significance.

We are pleased to make the serum bank and repository available to other investigators for collaborative clinical studies and new assay development and evaluation.

For more information about RDL’s Clinical Trials Division, please contact:

Eugene Karayev
Chief Clinical Trials &
Business Development Officer
RDL, Inc.
10755 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
OFFICE: 800-338-1918 ext.224
FAX: 310-253-5466